Lawrence has a mystery visitor

When a young man called Connor arrives in the village looking for directions to Home Farm, Kerry shows him the way. And it’s not long before it becomes clear that there’s something a bit iffy about him because when he arrives at the posh abode, he kicks a stable door off its hinges! He then heads to the house, introduces himself as an odd-job man and asks Lawrence if there’s anything he needs doing. How about mending the broken stable door?!
It’s the day of Val’s funeral and despite being told to stay away, Diane defiantly decides to make an appearance, but is still worried about how Pollard will react when he sees her. Later, when she tries to talk to him, Pollard continues to blame her for his wife’s death and it’s clear that this is far from over. Eventually, the stage is set for the funeral which, in true Val style, is anything but conventional.
When Andy decides it’s time to sort out Katie’s stuff, he comes across her last phone bill and is intrigued to see the last number she dialed on the day she died. Could it provide a clue to what happened on that fateful day? Well, yes it could, because that number happens to belong to Aaron, who worries that his secret is about to be uncovered…