Lawrence is accused of sexual assault!

A badly bruised Connor returns to Home Farm claiming to have been beaten up because he’s gay. Feeling sorry for the young man, Lawrence cleans him up and hands him £300 after learning he’s skint. But just after Bernice pops round for lunch, Lawrence gets a shock when the police turn up and tell him that Connor’s accused him of sexual assault! Later, Robert comes home and tells Lawrence that he believes nothing happened and vows to help him prove his innocence. Is everything as it seems?
Clearing up after Val’s funeral, Tracy and Finn worry that some photos of  Val – which have been brought out for the occasion – could push Pollard over the edge but they are surprised when he claims to be fine. David, however, isn’t so sure and worries that his dad will do something stupid, so when he shares his fears with his stepbrother, Paul says he has a drastic plan.
Aaron makes his peace with Andy but feels guilty when he’s reminded that it’s Katie’s birthday, and as Rodney resumes his career as a male escort, the pound signs begin to flash in Jimmy’s eyes when he discovers that his father-in-law gets £200 for every booking with a client!