Lawrence is unhappy at Aaron’s arrest!

*Second episode*

Chrissie’s stunned when she hears Rakesh has called the police having seen incriminating evidence which links Aaron to Robert Sugden’s attempted murder. When she sees the footage, relief washes over her. Surely, her son Lachlan is now in the clear, and her dad, Lawrence, too. Up at the prison, Lawrence reels as Chrissie and Rakesh deliver the news.

Meanwhile, back in the Woolie, Chas gets a fright when she wakes up to find someone’s ransacked her room. Before she can get to the bottom of it, however, Chas has a major nightmare to deal with when Aaron bursts in ranting about the gun, stressing that he didn’t shoot Robert. All too soon, the police arrive and Aaron is arrested leaving Chas beside herself with worry about Aaron. Diane then rails at the barmaid for lying to the police to save her son, and demands Chas get out of the pub! Chas refuses.

At the police station, Aaron’s mind races as he’s questioned. But the detectives have got bad news. Aaron’s on license and as such will be going straight to prison.