*Hour-long episode*

So Chrissie’s been arrested in connection with Robert’s shooting and her devoted dad, Lawrence, is going out of his mind. Knowing Pollard, who blames Chrissie for causing the helicopter crash which killed his wife Val, had a big part in Chrissie’s demise, Lawrence is livid. Though lawyer, Rakesh, tries to assure Chrissie she doesn’t need to worry, it’s not looking good as the evidence stacks up against her. After lunging at Pollard, Lawrence warns the B&B owner he will drag up his chequered past if he doesn’t retract his statement. Later, Lawrence confides in Bernice about his time in the slammer, admitting he can’t bear the thought of his daughter being locked up. Soon enough, Chrissie is released as someone has confessed to the killing… Lawrence!

Meanwhile, Aaron can barely hide his stress when he hears a scrap collection has been delayed at the yard. Later, Chas has words with her shifty son.

Moira’s proud when Cain rushes in to save little Kyle from getting knocked down by a car. She’s desperate for him to accept his love child son into their lives. But is Cain on the same page?