Lawrence makes Sam an offer he can’t refuse!

When Sam crashes one of his boss Lawrence’s quad bikes he has no idea the consequences will be so far-reaching. Lawrence is already stressed to the max because of Ronnie Hale, who’s pushing him to tell Chrissie the truth about the identity of her biological father, so when he hears about Sam’s prang, he flips. Furious, Lawrence sacks Sam.

Later, Lawrence hears Ronnie Hale has been employed by Rakesh to work on his conversion. Spitting feathers, Lawrence decides he must get shot of Ronnie. Dragging Sam into his feud, Lawrence hands him the keys to the gun cabinet and tells Sam he can have his job back if he gets rid of Ronnie – for good…

Convinced that Holly has got her in trouble, Charity wants payback. When she hears from Moira that Holly is going to be helping Victoria out with her street food van, Charity swipes the petty cash tin knowing drug addict Holly is bound to get the blame. And she does.

Jimmy’s roped into watching over dementia sufferer Ashley – who’s unaware he’s been told by social services that he is no longer able to be with Arthur on his own – and finds himself really enjoying hanging out with the vicar in Arthur’s play pirate ship!