Lawrence piles the pressure on Ross

*Second episode*

Ross gets home to find Lawrence throwing his stuff into a fire – including a picture of his late beloved Donna! Clearly, Lawrence isn’t going to give up until Ross has confessed to being involved in the Home Farm raid. Ross attacks Lawrence, but Robert turns up in the nick of time to pull the two men apart. It’s not over yet, though, because when Lawrence gets hold of Ross’s phone it’s clear that he’s hit a nerve and he enjoys watching the Barton bad boy sweat. Can Robert put an end to the dangerous feud that Lawrence now has with Ross?

Val’s pulled out all the stops for her casino night but it looks set to be a washout when hardly anyone turns up! Despite the poor turnout, Pearl places a bet on the roulette table and is thrilled when she wins! If she thinks she’s quids in she’s going to be disappointed because the money isn’t real! When a local journalist arrives to report on the event, will Val be able to turn things around to make the night a roaring success?

After finding out that Belle’s got the sack from her job at the veterinary practice, Zak questions Paddy about why he gave his daughter the push and gets a shock when he finds out! Meanwhile, Rakesh tells Priya that he’s worried about what Kirin will do now he’s dropped out of university, and his fears increase when he overhears Vanessa joking with Paddy about getting married!