With Lawrence believing Robert has murdered Tim – Chrissie’s biological uncle and Lawrence’s archenemy – Robert has the ageing businessman right where he wants him. Indebited to Robert, Lawrence is now an utter devotee of the scheming Sugden and has no idea Robert’s ‘heroism’ is all part of his grand plan to oust the Whites from Home Farm!

As Robert enters the next phase of his scam, he’s about to plant a kiss on Lawrence when Lachlan walks in. Lachlan is horrified, and Robert laps it up as Lucky’s kicked out of the house by his furious granddad. Tick!

At a business do, Debbie’s hit on by a sleazebag client and ends up punching him! Later, she gets passionate with Tom.

At Finn’s grave, Gabby runs off when Pete tries to talk to her.