Lawrence shuts down Beauty and Bernice!

Lawrence sets out to make Bernice's life hell and shuts down her salon in Emmerdale

There’s a bitter stand off at the salon when Lawrence turns up with Sam, and announces he’s shutting the place down! As things turn ugly, Lawrence pushes Andy’s buttons when he slings insults at Bernice. It’s down to Chrissie to drag her dad away, leaving Bernice devastated to see how much Lawrence has changed.

At Dale Head, Rakesh is playing a good game at poker and taking money off Pierce. When Pierce suggests they up the stakes, Rakesh, who’s broke and in no position to gamble, goes along with it. After huge sums of money get heaped on the table, the two men go all in… Rakesh is sent reeling when Pierce wins with a straight flush! Stumbling into burned-out Mill Cottage, Rakesh collapses, realising his life is ruined.

Fists fly when Aaron confronts Robert about the secret pact he made with Ross months ago. Aaron’s furious with his boyfriend for not telling him about it. Robert begs him to drop it – but Aaron’s far from over it, as Andy finds out when he punches him before telling Chrissie what he did!