Layla makes plans for the future

Layla splashes out on a pedigree puppy for Georgia and a piano for Michael in order to buy their affection. But everyone’s left wondering where she got the money. Later, Layla makes plans for the future and has her eye on having a family with Michael. She also joins the church committee and sticks the knife in by telling Esther how much happier Michael and Georgia are with her.

Jake decides to do up the church hall and add a coffee shop as a way of inviting the community into the fold. Church cleaner Sofija and decorator Nemania decide to settle in England buy a house and get married. But they face resistance from some of the stuffier locals who are put out when Michael chooses Nemania to sing a major part in the choir.

Jake adds fuel to the fire when he hires Nemania to do some maintenance work that Jabba normally does but charges a fortune for. The village oldies are so riled they ostracise the non-National couple and refuse to sing at their wedding.

Grace and Kyle’s friendship develops when they bond over Kyle’s love of Blink-182 and guitars.

Meanwhile, things are going missing from the church and Nemania’s work is sabotaged. When the church is vandalised with racist comments Esther, Jake and the All The Small Things members band together and help Sofija and Nemania feel welcome and celebrate their wedding in style.