Miles feels awful about revealing Leah’s secret. He asks Elijah if he should tell Leah the truth, but Elijah thinks it might undo her good progress. When Leah and Elijah pair up in self-defence class, they realise they can’t avoid each other.

Tony can’t find a new job. Rachel is still annoyed he sold the gym without consulting her. Preparing for an interview for a labouring job, Rachel and Tony argue. She thinks he can do better. He knows he can but he’s just trying to provide for the family. The interview goes badly, but Miles tells him the school PE teacher’s job is still open. Tony goes to Gina to apply. She’s hesitant – things didn’t go well when they last worked together – but she’s willing to give it another shot.

Xavier is sad Mink’s leaving. He spills the truth about her to Gina. Mink later realises he’s told Ruby and she’s angry. Gina then runs into her, and Mink deduces Xavier has told her as well. She confronts him and gets surprisingly emotional. Gina opens up to Mink – she knows Mink better than Mink knows herself and she’s worried. They talk about Mink’s history and Gina gets through to her. Mink breaks down in Gina’s arms.

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