Elijah is mortified at being caught kissing Leah by the Bishop and can’t think of an excuse. Charlie finds it amusing, but Leah doesn’t – it might create problems for Elijah in the community. Leah wants to check on him, but Charlie advises against it. Elijah tells Leah the Bishop may cause trouble, but he’s not too worried.

When the Bishop is cold towards Leah during lunch, she tells him that their relationship is an amazing thing and Elijah is a good man who would never do anything to harm the church. After consideration, the Bishop accepts their relationship and Leah and Elijah are relieved.

Aden and Justin go to the site where Larry’s body is. They dig it up and just as they’re leaving, Charlie and the cops arrive. But the boys get away.

Nicole doesn’t know what to do about what Justin said to her. She turns to Marilyn, who says Aden is the one to talk to. Nicole tries to track him down, but there’s no answer at the townhouse or on the phone. The next morning she picks the boys up and notices they’re acting strange, but never gets a chance to question them before she has to leave.

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