Leah is apprehensive about the trip to Vinnie’s grave. It’s a long drive and VJ’s impatience grows. Elijah plays games to keep him occupied and Leah is touched. As they camp for the night, it’s clear this trip will bring all three closer.

Miles has taken his medication and is dismayed when he stops seeing Rabbit. He is tormented when, on the beach, he thinks he hears her calling from the water. He searches, only to realise it was a dream. Miles goes to the beach, for real this time, and finds some bunny ears. As he holds them tenderly, he hears a familiar voice. It’s Rabbit! Miles is overjoyed.

Justin and Aden, after burying their father in the bush, are on a knife edge. Further lab results show Justin was found covered in his father’s blood. With Larry missing, his bank account untouched and Justin the last person to see him, the police become suspicious. Angelo and Charlie ask the brothers to join them on another search of the bush. Is the game almost up?

Nicole’s still not happy with Britt. Stewing over the injustice and encouraged by Marilyn, Nicole confronts Britt who reacts badly to the implication that she ‘stole’ the designs from her and threatens legal action.

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