Leah is excited about her first official date with Elijah. She feels more comfortable now her feelings are out there, but she’s not sure what will happen. Elijah is nervous, worried about his secret. Miles encourages him to be honest with Leah. On their date, they get to know each other and are relaxed and flirty. As they’re walking home, Elijah is about to tell Leah the truth, when she kisses him. And he doesn’t fight it…

Charlie is angry after Angelo spied on her. When he learns that Michael is her counsellor, he feels terrible. Miles can’t believe Angelo could he be so stupid. Leah and Ruby both tell Charlie that while what Angelo did was nuts, it does show that he really cares. Angelo tries to apologise to Michael but he blanks him. Angelo tells Charlie he’s truly sorry and if there’s any way he can help her, he will.

Romeo is still lacking confidence. Ruby thinks it’s because he’s in love with Annie, but Annie thinks it’s because of the cross-dressing. She comes up with an ambitious plan. The girls grab Romeo on the way to school and get him to wear a girl’s uniform. Crazy as it is, it works, and Romeo relaxes.

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