Roman and Leah’s relationship is blossoming. Leah organises a dinner to get Nicole and VJ together, with Miles and Kirsty along to take the pressure off. While preparing dinner, Leah talks to VJ about Roman. VJ says he likes Roman, and is glad Leah isn’t going out with him. Leah decides against telling VJ about their relationship – but Nicole’s unaware it’s a secret and later makes a comment to VJ about the relationship. He storms off.

Irene’s undecided about Lou’s offer. No matter how far they sail, there will still be the problem of his ex-wife, Donna. Irene asks Belle if she could cope without her and Belle realises she can’t ruin Irene’s happiness. Irene decides she’s going, and Belle struggles to keep it together. Donna watches Lou and Irene set sail.

Kirsty is stewing over Trey’s accusations; apart from being untrue they are embarrassing. Miles tells her to try and relax, stop thinking about it, but she just can’t. During a workout at the gym, Nicole inadvertently brings up the subject and Kirsty is reminded of it yet again. But then she becomes determined – nobody’s going to believe that so-and-so over her. Kirsty is filled with a renewed vigour.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday April 20*

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