Elijah, VJ and Leah continue their drive to the graveyard. VJ, initially so keen, falters. Leah struggles too, but Elijah encourages them. At the grave he leaves them to grieve. Leah is pleased they made the trip. She’s thought about Vinnie every day, but now it’s time to move on.

Charlie takes Aden and Justin to the crash site. Both boys are worried the cops will find Larry’s grave. Charlie does a quick sweep of the nearby bush. Just when it seems she’ll find something, Aden diverts her attention. Charlie asks Aden to tell her anything he knows about what happened – she senses Justin isn’t telling the truth. Aden insists he knows nothing, and Charlie seems satisfied. But later, Justin comes clean. He had some flashbacks at the crash site and reveals he did kill their dad.

Britt claims the work she did on Nicole’s original designs made them her own. Nicole wonders if she’s right and checks some legal internet sites. It seems copyright law is a grey area. But Aden, Annie and Romeo think Britt’s ripped Nicole off. She talks to her classmates and they come up with a unique solution. They walk out on Britt’s class and Britt is left with no option but to quit.

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