Leah breaks down over Dan

Irene tells Alf that Dan has died in a tragic abseiling accident. Meanwhile, Leah is devastated and Irene has to try to calm her down as she breaks into heart-wrenching sobs. Her hysteria prompts Irene to looks for Rachel and she arrives at Tony’s doorstep to break the terrible news and they all rush off to try to help Leah. Drew and Belle return home as everyone tries to come to terms with Dan’s death.

Unaware that Johnny Cooper is now taking refuge in the annexe, Tony and Rachel decide to have an impromptu dinner at Tony’s place. Johnny’s tension increases as the couple arrive home. Rachel moves in for a kiss, but the moment is interrupted by Johnny, who accidentally makes a noise.

Having seen Rachel and Tony leave, Johnny sneaks into the house and finishes off their food and wine. But he’s almost busted when he hears footsteps at the door. An upset Matilda arrives home from the camping trip and Johnny hides as Matilda cries herself to sleep, leering through the window at her. Is Matilda in danger?

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday April 2*

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