VJ sees the box of letters from Elijah has moved, and worries Leah has discovered it. He frantically calls Miles. An upset Leah also turns to Miles to help her find out who’s been VJ and Elijah’s go-between. Miles eventually confesses. Leah is stunned and hurt. But she can’t remain angry with Miles and reveals she’s been writing letters to Elijah for weeks… she just hasn’t had the guts to send them.

Xavier and April both apply for the waiter’s job at Angelo’s. He wants a car and she wants a laptop and both think they have a good chance. Xavier gets dressed up, but is terrible in the interview, struggling with the pronunciation of names and foods. But later, he spies an old car in the rubbish tip, and John agrees to buy it, as long as they work on it together.

April and Xavier make placards for their protest rally. John is enthusiastic – the media will be there. Gina thinks that if John plays his cards right he could make friends out of April and Xavier through this.

At the rally, John is disappointed when very few protesters turn up. He’d hoped there would be a scuffle that would make it onto the news.

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