Leah’s party is under way, but the atmosphere is strained. Her parents, Helen and Theo, confess they’ve split up, due to their failed business, and have been hiding it from Leah. The party is verging on boring, apart from Theo and Helen arguing, and Chris’s shameless flirting with Charlie.

Tony leaves the party – it’s hard for him seeing families together when he’s lost Jack. When Leah overhears Freya say how dull the party is, she downs drinks and jumps on the table. She topples over, but Roman catches her. And on that note, the party is over. Roman stays to look after her, but during a touching moment between them, Leah vomits on him!

Ruby thinks Freya’s snog with Nicole counts as cheating and tells Xavier to dump her. Xavier tells Ruby to drop it, but he’s clearly having second thoughts about Freya. Geoff is worried about Nicole feeling humiliated, and Bartlett tells Nicole that her behaviour isn’t appropriate for a School Captain.

Geoff doesn’t understand Nicole’s calm reaction at what happened with Freya but when he sees them together at Leah’s party, he begins to wonder if Nicole would rather be with Freya than him. Nicole assures Geoff that the only person she wants is him.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday March 4*

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