Leah gets some shocking news

VJ has been asking about Elijah, so Leah finally decides to give him a call in Africa and see how he is doing. Finally she makes the call and finds that Elijah has left Africa and is returning to Australia! Colleen suggests that perhaps Elijah is returning to Australia with romantic intentions. Leah goes to find out what Miles knows, but he tells her that she will just have to wait until Elijah gets back to find out what he wants…

Dex is covertly filming new surf gang the River Boys as they hang out in Summer Bay, curious to watch how the group operates and the different ways in which they all behave. After Dex secretly films gang member Casey in his first days at Summer Bay High, Casey finally approaches Dex to find out what he is doing. He is joined by two other River Boys, who decide to teach Dex a lesson.

Romeo has a confrontation with Casey and the pair of them end up in detention. But during their enforced time together, the boys find that they do actually get along with each other. As they vent their frustrations about life, the boys realise they have more in common than they first thought.

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