Hannah convinces Andy to get some rest but, before he leaves, he misreads the signals and leans in for a kiss. Hannah is shocked and quickly pulls away, leaving him mortified. When Leah visits the hospital to check on Evelyn, she gets sidetracked when Hannah tells her about Andy’s kiss. Hannah knows Leah’s advice is right and, after several failed attempts throughout the day, she tells Andy, but he doesn’t take the news well.

Maddy is left in shock after Matt’s confession and lets Oscar off the hook after his university slip-up. He makes it clear that he would never put his ambitions in front of her nursing career and the pair seem more solid than ever. Later, Matt comes over and Maddy makes her excuses and leaves the room.

Also, Dr. Griffin brings back Josh’s test results and it’s good news! Josh’s condition has improved slightly and there is a glimmer of hope.