Elijah’s parents’ arrival is imminent – they’re going to stay at the rectory with him, which is OK with Leah. But when Elijah tells her that the rectory has a leak, Leah offers for his parents to stay with them, but Elijah says no and calls them to cancel. Elijah then loses his phone, only to discover that Leah took it and called his mother to arrange for his parents to stay with them.

Jill feels the only person who’s nice to her is John Palmer. John tells Jill he can’t see her until he knows what’s going on with Gina. John lays it out – until she works out her problems, he doesn’t want to see her. Miles implores her to get help. Will Jill finally admit she needs help?

Colleen is continuing her lie about the reception and it’s driving Marilyn insane. With difficulty, she tells Colleen the truth, to which Colleen informs her that she already knew. Marilyn is floored and Colleen gently reminds her that she shouldn’t mess with her.

When Liam confides in Martha about his dealings with Ruby, Alf notices a friendship reformed and suggests that Martha ask Liam to move in with her at the farm house when Hugo leaves. However, Martha admits she’s thinking of selling the farm.

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