Leah has suffered a miscarriage. She becomes withdrawn, and Miles feels helpless. Meanwhile, VJ confides in Elijah. He’s worried that this might mean the end of Miles and Leah’s relationship.

Gypsy hears that the entertainment has pulled out of a gig at Angelo’s, so she persuades Liam to perform instead. It’s a success, and the chemistry is still fizzing between the pair. Meanwhile, Bianca worries that Liam might be rushing back into the rock star lifestyle, which would undo all his good work at conquering his addictions.

But it soon becomes clear that Bianca isn’t simply concerned about her ex – she’s jealous of his burgeoning romance with Gypsy. She has a go at Gypsy for two-timing Mark, and their conversation is overheard by an ecstatic Lily.

Irene struggles with the effects of her first round of chemo. During the night, whilst everyone is out, she collapses from dehydration. And to add to the household’s worries, Lily is acting out. She’s worried that Gypsy is going to marry Mark and forget about her.