Matt tells Leah that Zac hasn’t sold any kisses all day and needs a morale boost, but Leah adamantly refuses and Matt teases her for saying no, implying she must like him. Falling for Matt’s childish games, Leah marches up to Zac and kisses him passionately. Later, Roo finds a mortified Leah and urges her to be honest with Zac.

Phoebe and Denny return to find Market Day in full swing. The pair end up working on a second-hand stool and Phoebe makes Kyle jealous by lining up for the kissing booth for a peck from Matt. However, Sasha becomes jealous and claims Matt for herself. The tables then turn, when Shandi gives Kyle her number, making Phoebe an unhappy bunny.

When Marilyn gives Shandi her reading, Shandi bluntly tells Marilyn the cards mean nothing. John tells his daughter he will not choose between the two of them; although Shandi is convinced her father and Marilyn is a disaster waiting to happen.