Leah lies to Miles

Miles is looking forward to Leah and VJ coming home, and prepares a special meal to welcome them. But Leah, still not quite sure how she feels about him, tells Miles she is staying overnight in a motel. Elijah then spots Leah, and is soon suspicious as to why she is lying to Miles. When VJ is also suspicious and asks his mother why she’s not being straight with Miles, she can only offer the response that it’s complicated.

Xavier, having found a very sick-looking Sasha collapsed at the bus stop, rushes her to hospital. At the hospital, Sid races to his daughter’s side and is shocked to learn the source of her infection – her secret dodgy tattoo. He is livid and blames Stu for the tattoo. He banishes him from the hospital and forbids him from seeing Sasha again. Stu does as he’s told. When Sasha recovers, Sid asks her not to see Stu anymore and, to his astonishment, she agrees without a fight.

John is still in hot water over taking freebies from Dennis over the Marina contract. The Council isn’t happy about his behaviour and calls for his resignation.