Leah pines for Elijah

Leah is worried about the effect Elijah’s absence is having on VJ and asks Miles to speak to him. Miles gives VJ a letter from Elijah. Elijah has been writing to VJ regularly through Miles, but Leah has no idea.

Both VJ and Miles are struggling with the secret, but VJ feels Leah is too fragile to deal with anymore Elijah talk. They agree to tell her as soon as she’s stronger.

Gina is thrilled that John and Xavier are getting along well. Little does she know it’s all a ploy. John asks Xavier when he’s going to call in his favour, but Xavier isn’t sure.

April tries out her school recycling bin speech on Irene who thinks it’s a winner, but April’s worried Gina will be a tough negotiator. Xavier tells April not to get her hopes up. April is shocked when Gina instantly agrees to the idea.

April can’t help but feel it was too easy. She comes up with a radical environmental plan for the Bay: banning water bottles. She asks John to put the matter before council but he refuses. Xavier calls in his favour, blackmailing John into putting April’s proposal forward. If he doesn’t, Xavier will make his life at home a living hell…

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