Leah prepares for Elijah’s return

VJ nearly drowns but is rescued just in time. Considering the severity of the incident, Charlie investigates and is determined to find something that will get the River Boys off the beaches of Summer Bay. But as she investigates, not one single witness will come forward and confirm that it was Heath Braxton or even a River Boy that was responsible.

Miles is preparing for Elijah’s return to Summer Bay and Leah is keen to get involved. But Miles is trying to keep some distance between Leah and Elijah, at least until Elijah has settled back in. Leah decides that he may be right, so drops over some food for their arrival, with the intention of leaving before he arrives. Unfortunately, Elijah arrives… with his new wife and child.

Bianca overhears Liam working on a new song. The song is about a woman called Melinda and Bianca feels a little jealous. When she asks Liam about it, Liam tells her that Melinda was an old girlfriend. Bianca comes across Liam’s song list and all the songs are named after women. There is, however, no song about her. When confronted with this Liam tells her all the songs are hers, it’s just that he had to change the names.

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