Leah questions Hunter

Hunter tries to explain his reasons for starting the fire, while VJ announces he’s moving out. As Leah and Zac struggle to make sense of it all, they question whether Hunter killed Charlotte. Unaware that Hunter has heard everything he interrupts them, hurt that they think he’s capable of murder. Irene offers Hunter a bed at her place with the blessing of Zac and Leah.

Dylan is convinced Hunter is responsible for his mother’s death. So when they hear that Hunter burned down Zac and Leah’s house, they charge him with arson. Dylan and Kat also question him over Charlotte’s death and claim he killed his mother to protect his secret. After the interview, Kat and Dylan receive a call that Irene’s DNA has been found at Charlotte’s murder scene.

Billie is elated that all charges of arson have been dropped against her; yet Ash is determined to make Hunter pay. Over dinner, Phoebe persuades Billie to stay in Summer Bay, and Ash and Phoebe decide to give their relationship another try.