Leah tries to reunite Theo and Helen… again!

Theo tries to help out at The Diner but Leah can’t bear it and makes excuses to keep him away from the kitchen. When Theo learns that he is getting on Leah’s nerves, he secretly books a flight back to Greece. Leah finds out and calls Helen who turns up just as Theo is leaving… and she’s not happy.

Miles goes to see Kirsty but when Irene lies about Kirsty’s whereabouts, Miles thinks she doesn’t want to see him. He’s walking along the beach when he bumps into Kirsty. Each fearing the other’s rejection, neither is honest about their true feelings so they part, oblivious to the fact that they both want to be together again.

Melody’s mum is about to leave for New Zealand, and Melody thinks about her grandmother, Audrey, with whom she’s never had much of a relationship. Annie suggests Melody invite Audrey over for dinner. But the meal doesn’t go to plan and Audrey snaps at Melody over a spilt drink.

Alf calls Christine, who picks Audrey up. But when Audrey gets back to her home, she collapses with a stroke and is taken to hospital. When Melody finds out, she is shocked – has Melody seen her grandmother for the last time?

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday March 12*

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