Matt tells Kat he can’t remember what happened the night of the robbery, as he was drunk. Leah tells Nate that Kat is targeting Matt because of his background. She goes to his bedroom to look for evidence, and finds a wad of cash. Devastated, Leah confronts Matt at the station who admits he’s guilty! Later, Nate finds out Matt has been charged and is furious with Leah for turning him in. Nate asks Kat if they can turn a blind eye to the cash, leaving her fuming.

Meanwhile, Maddy ignores Evelyn’s texts, leaving Roo to do the explaining. Alf returns from Blaxland and tells Maddy he’s going to see a councilor. Later, Maddy tells Roo that she knows her friends didn’t mean any harm, but she wants her old life back.

The next morning, Roo finds Evelyn and Josh cooking up grand gestures to get back into Maddy’s good books. She tells them that they just need to be better friends. Roo and Maddy arrive at her chemotherapy session to find Josh and Evelyn waiting to start a study session.