Leah and Alf are still upset that they weren’t able to raise enough cash to buy the pier buildings. At The Diner, Ben and Maggie wander into the kitchen to discuss the plans they have for the pier and the building work they have in mind. Leah questions why Ben and Maggie are in the kitchen and is left stunned to find out they are the new owners. When Leah tells Alf and Irene that the Astonis now own the pier, Irene suggests they invite Ben and Maggie for an informal business lunch. How will Ben and Maggie’s plans to revamp the pier go down with the Summer Bay locals – and Leah in particular?

Later, Ben and Maggie tell Ziggy she’s no longer allowed to see Brody. Ziggy’s livid with her parents, but she’s left stunned when they tell her he’s a recovering drug addict. Will Ziggy follow her parents’ wishes and stay away from Brody?

Also, Peggy and Hunter run into John at The Diner. John’s keen to make Peggy feel at home in Summer Bay, so he has dinner with her, Hunter and Olivia. Peggy’s taken with John as he was in the Navy, just like Hunter’s grandfather. Does Peggy have a crush on John? As Peggy talks about her life, something springs to mind and she realises she knows who Hunter’s father is…