A bleary eyed Martha is woken by Jack and Fitzgerald, telling her about the damage done to The Diner the previous night, and things get worse when Leah informs her that the $10,000 coffee machine was broken and she wants compensation. Martha refuses to pay, but after a few home truths from Sally, Cam writes a cheque to cover the coffee machine damage.

Meanwhile, Jack urges Martha to reconsider her relationship with Cam, and she ends up asking Cam for some space. But he’s none too happy with the new arrangement, and tells Jack to stay out of their relationship.

An argument breaks out, and Cam winds Jack up about Sam leaving him. Jack loses it and punches Cam, which earns Cam a sympathy vote from Martha. Later, furious Martha tells Jack to get out of her life before reuniting with Cam.

Kim is annoyed when he hears Kit has asked James to be her birthing coach and confides his disappointment to Rachel, telling her he’s still unsure about James. Later, Kim’s more suspicious when he sees James talking to an infamous Bay drug dealer. Then at the Hunter House, Kim starts rifling through James’ bag, only for Kit and James to walk in.

*Screened on RTE One, Monday June 11*

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