Nate continues to monitor Leah closely as she fights to stay alive, and orders John and Marilyn to destroy the rest of the contaminated food. Leah’s struggle saddens Jett as it reminds him of Gina’s death. In spite of Nate’s efforts, Leah’s liver is failing – if things don’t improve asap, she’ll need a transplant. Without it, she’ll die. A guilty Chris gets Alf to hospital, and learns that his risotto has poisoned everyone. Alf responds well to Nate’s treatment and forgives Chris, but it doesn’t stop him beating himself up about Leah’s condition.

When Zac doesn’t come home, Evie decides to teach him a lesson by stealing the exam answers from his bag. Meanwhile, at Angelo’s, drunken Zac lets slip to Tamara and Kyle that he slept with Bianca. The next morning, Tamara finds Zac passed out on the beach and walks him home. He admits that he loves Hannah, but he won’t admit this to Evie and Oscar. Tamara promises Evie that she’ll keep Zac’s behaviour in the vault.

Kyle returns to the Bay, revealing that he couldn’t find Phoebe in Melbourne. He gets on with his life and work at Angelo’s, thinking that Phoebe hasn’t forgiven him – then is stunned when she turns up.