Leah’s got a cold and puts it down to her heavy workload, but Miles thinks differently. He reckons it’s all about Elijah being away. Later, Miles finds her collapsed on the floor. Leah worries she’s going to break down like she did after Australia Day, and the last thing she wants is to put VJ through that again. VJ wants to help Leah, but Miles says he just has to wait, there’s not much he can do right now.

Dex keeps harassing Sid about his relationship with Marilyn. Dex then asks Marilyn lots of personal question, saying he wants to make sure his Dad is dating the right person. Sid thinks it’s very strange and asks Dex about it. But Dex assures him he’s just looking out for his Dad.

Romeo sees Indi on the beach and is wowed. He shakes it off, and when Marilyn asks him if they’re going out, he’s quick to say no. He avoids Indi, reminding her he isn’t ready for a relationship. But the more he says this, the more it annoys her. He finds her at work to apologise, but she’s still mad at him, and in the middle of a rant, he kisses her, taking her completely by surprise.

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