Leah’s party descends into chaos

Josh invites Rhys to Leah’s birthday party when Rhys complains that they never hang out any more but makes it sound more interesting by lying that it’s also an engagement party. Rhys is determined to liven things up and downs the drinks, leaving Amy‘s nerves frayed. But things get worse when Ste turns up with Pauline and it’s clear that Pauline has no idea that Leah is not Ste’s child.

Ste pleads with Amy to continue the lie for a little longer. As Amy’s stress levels increase, a drunk Rhys causes havoc when he insults Amy, and Josh steps in to defend her honour. Pauline is stunned when Josh lets slip that Ste is not Leah’s dad, while Amy is upset that Leah’s party has been ruined.

Archie is attempting to tick off number two on Sarah‘s what-I-want-in-a-man list and has got Kris to distract the visiting lecturer so he can impersonate him. Meanwhile, Zoe learns that Mike and Sarah will both be at the same lecture as her.

Archie’s efforts for Sarah go to waste when the students snigger to see Zoe, Mike and Sarah together and Sarah flees but he’s not put off and vows to start on the next challenge – becoming a billboard model!

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