Leah’s surprise for Dan goes wrong

Excited over Dan’s imminent return from a school excursion, Leah decides to spice things up a bit at the Diner, stripping down to just black stockings and apron before putting on seductive music. But she’s mortified when Dan arrives at the Diner with a group of students in tow.

Drew worries that Jazz is using Tony after losing both the inheritance and Kevin. Drew tries but fails to convince Tony of Jazz’s misdeeds. But Tony is given food for thought when Jazz tells him she doesn’t want to accept Jack’s dinner invitation. He makes it clear he’s hoping they have a future together – but when he realises Jazz is unable to commit to him, Tony walks out on her.

Having discovered Jazz tried to poison Belle against him, Drew and Belle sabotage Jazz’s fuse box, plunging her house into darkness, in the hope that Jazz will get the hint and move out. But their plan goes horribly wrong when a fallen candle sets the house alight, leaving Jazz asleep and the house burning. Will she survive?

And Jack wrestles with his conscience over what to do about crooked cop George, and almost comes clean to McGrath about the missing evidence. But he backs down at the last minute after hearing Fitzy praise him as a good cop.