Leanne and Kal give into temptation (VIDEO)

Kal apologises to Nick for pushing him too hard in the gym and suggests he finds another trainer. Nick won’t hear of it and insists Kal joins him and Leanne for dinner in the bistro. After an awkward meal Kal decides enough is enough, he doesn’t want to lose Leanne so he later pushes his way into her flat. Giving into her feelings Leanne is unable to resist him and the pair head to the bedroom.

Maddie’s devastated when the social worker tells her that her brother Ben is moving to Devon. Feeling helpless, Sophie suggests they visit Ben’s foster parents but a volatile Maddie has her own plan to see Ben.

An angry Tyrone tells Fiz that he was only out for a few drinks with a mate but when Fiz later sees Tyrone and Maria enter the pub together she’s upset and leaves. Maria calls on her and tells her they are only friends but, as Fiz’s doubts start to fester, it’s clear Maria is lying to herself.

Also, Steve lies about the bruise on his face in a bid to stop Lloyd or Jenna finding out that he’s joined the gym; Sinead tells Fiz and Julie about the inappropriate dress which Chesney’s bought her; and fed up with Sally banging on about Maddie, Tim walks out of the pub.