Leanne Battersby’s kitchen nightmare

Leanne is struggling to cope with the restaurant and the staff resent their inexperienced new boss. Leanne ticks off the waiter for bringing the wrong wine to a table and she has another go when she catches the waiter and the chef gossiping when they should be preparing the orders. Leanne is dismayed when the chef and waiter tell Leanne where to stick her job and walk out!

Ashley gets an unexpected visit from Casey, who offers to help him out in Claire’s absence by taking Josh to school. Ashley asks her to take the shop keys to Kirk instead and he’s grateful when he discovers that she’s minded the shop for him after Kirk called in sick. Casey later picks Josh up from school and Ashley asks her to stay for a drink.

Joanne turns up at the factory and she tells Carla that she’s found out her rights and unless Carla gives her a better pay-off, she’ll take her and Liam to a tribunal. Liam is furious, but Carla decides to give Joanne the extra cash and get rid of her once and for all.

Also, Liz is gutted to discover that Vernon is planning to move to Spain.