Janice is suspicious when Liam tries to arrange a lunch date with Leanne and Leanne claims she’s meeting a friend. Janice knows full well that Leanne is meeting a client and expresses her disapproval. Leanne realises that she doesn’t want to lie to Liam any more and she quits her job at the escort agency, even though it means giving up her lavish lifestyle. Janice is delighted and smashes up Leanne’s phone to make sure she won’t get any more calls. Leanne meets Liam in the Rovers, hopeful of a fresh start.

Deirdre is still smarting from her failed attempt to reunite with Ken and she’s upset that Ken doesn’t seem to be suffering as much over their split as she is. Ken stands by his decision to put Daniel’s needs over his own and Deirdre worries that there really is no going back for their marriage.

Michelle and Steve may work together but trying to find time alone for a little romance is still proving virtually impossible. The pair try to arrange some quiet time for themselves, but they’re thwarted at every turn.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Michelle decides to spring a romantic surprise on Steve at the cab office and she brings some wine down for them to share together. But with Steve taking calls for cab service, they get barely a minute without interruption. When the phone finally stops ringing and they settle down to relax, Lloyd comes rushing in to the cab office and tells them the bad news about Freddie.

Kirk is modest when the locals treat him like a hero for saving Claire from the fire. But Cilla, typically, has other ideas and tells Kirk that he should cash in on his fame and sell his story to the paper!

Meanwhile, Fiz’s emotions are still up in the air after finishing with Kirk and she pays a visit to John. She tells her former lover that she’s left Kirk because she didn’t love him the way she used to love John.