Leanne confronts a dangerously drunk Carla (VIDEO)

Peter’s oblivious as Carla continues to drink. At the factory she offers Rob a job as Head of Distribution and he’s furious at the demotion. But as tipsy Carla struggles to keep on top of her work, Rob refuses to help until she reinstates him as assistant manager.

Meanwhile, Peter asks Carla to pick Simon up from school, but Simon realises she’s drunk and runs off. Leanne’s startled when Simon arrives home and explains how a drunken Carla tried to drive him home. Furious, Leanne tackles Carla outside the factory. Their argument turns into a violent catfight as Peter turns up.

Paul and Eileen join Stella and Vince on their lunch date at the Bistro. But it’s clear Vince and Stella have nothing in common. As Stella makes her excuses and leaves, Karl watches on.

David’s spent the night on the sofa, still angry with Kylie, who threatens to take Max and leave. Gail’s had enough and announces she won’t see Max turned out of his home – if David wants to end his marriage he can move out! Meanwhile, Gail’s disappointed when Lewis moves back to his flat.

Also, Steve informs Brian that Dennis has been holding up his cab and is mean to the children. Brian agrees to look into the matter.