Leanne confronts Will

Maxine overhears Sienna and Patrick discussing the lie they told yesterday, while Will panics about what he told his mum. The Savages are in turmoil when DI Bulmer tells them Anna has confessed and Leanne has been released. Patrick is stunned when he hears about Anna’s confession – could she actually have killed Texas? Leanne is furious when she discovers Will is still living at the flat and confronts her former friend.

Doug attempts to win over the McQueens when he inadvertently volunteers to cook for them, but he soon ends up being treated like the hired help. The McQueens push him to breaking point, but everyone is impressed when Doug fights back.

Ziggy lets Sinead down gently after they slept together the night before. Later, Cindy comforts the teen, but does she have her eye on Ziggy herself? Cindy gives Sinead some words of wisdom – go for older, rich men. Sinead spots a flyer for a VIP night at ‘The Loft’. This is her chance to bag a footballer and be money-worry free.

Also, Dennis struggles to conjure up signatures for his petition; Patrick comes to terms with Sienna’s misdemeanours, while he tries to stop Maxine from revealing the truth to the police.