Leanne drops her baby bombshell on Steve

Leanne's stuns Steve on Coronation Street

As Leanne confronts Steve, he rounds on her calling her irresponsible. She assures him she doesn’t expect him to play any part in their child’s life and this could be her last chance to have a baby, forcing him to reluctantly back down.

Sally tells Yasmeen that if they don’t find the Mayor’s dog it’ll be the end of her career. At her wit’s end, Sally explains how she came from a rough background and has only ever wanted to better herself. Yasmeen softens and suggests they’re two of a kind. Sally and Yasmeen return to No.4 and are shocked to find Sharif, Tim, Martin, Terence and their dog watching a DVD.

Kate asks Johnny to spend the evening in with her and he hasn’t the heart to tell her he has a date with Jenny.

Mary assures Dev that he passed out drunk at the spa hotel and nothing happened between them. Gail and Audrey arrive home to find David, Max and Lily colouring in at the table. David tells Gail and Audrey he’s ready to organise Kylie’s funeral.