Leanne fights off Zeedan when he drunkenly makes a pass at her!

Leanne is stunned when Zeedan returns her kindness by leaning in for a kiss

Imran tells Rana that if she goes along with her parents’ plan it will destroy her. Meanwhile Zeedan confides in Leanne that he still loves Rana, Leanne tells him he will find love again and seeing how upset he is agrees to stay for dinner. Concerned that Zeedan is continuing to drink she is shocked when he makes a pass at her!

As Bethany gets ready for her court case Craig tries to reassure her but as she leaves he gets anxious and his OCD kicks in. Desperate to move out of the house he is pleased when Kate offers him Luke’s old room. Later, Bethany tells Sarah she may start counselling again.

With Billy still missing Geraldine calls at Eileen’s and asks to see Summer but Eileen tells her to leave and that Summer is staying where she is.

Tyrone is grateful for Sean and Gemma’s help with the girls, as he thanks Gemma there is a moment between them that is broken when Fiz returns.

First episode of the evening.