Lee talks with Amy about the reality of their love triangle. Meanwhile, Leanne talks to Kevin about her problems with Lee. Lee and Amy turn to drink to settle their anxiety but as they talk, Amy can see just how fond he is of Leanne. But suddenly she is at the window to find Amy and Lee together.

Steph surprises Cheryl with a birthday treat. Cheryl breaks down and admits her hurt at discovering Malachy and Lynsey have been seeing each other and Steph tells her to move on. The conversation soon turns to potential candidates for Gilly’s next lover after Steph’s gone. When Cheryl suggests herself, Steph finds it hilarious, which riles Cheryl and a row breaks out. But it’s not long before reality bites; as the prospect of Steph not being around creeps up on them.

Having heard a disturbance, Jem creeps downstairs to scare off the intruder, but it’s Heidi. She explains her fears over Riley and Seth’s safety, having received an anonymous phone call. Jem immediately gets on the phone to leave Riley a concerned voicemail. But when Heidi overhears, Jem is forced to explain about Liam’s reappearance.

Also; Heidi shakes with fear as she imagines just how Liam will exact his revenge.

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