Leanne listens as Nick reveals his nasty side

Leanne listens as Nick reveals he could have cleared Peter's name in Corrie

Leanne orders Peter, Toyah, Nick and Steve to meet her in the bistro. Nick arrives with Simon and suggests they all have a day out at the seaside instead. But a kick about on the beach quickly descends into a petty squabble. Unaware that Leanne is in earshot, Nick reveals to Peter that he knows Leanne’s alibi is a lie as he saw Peter that night. How will Leanne react?

Ken pieces together the argument he had on the night of his attack and realises with horror that it was indeed one of his family members who pushed him. Who was it?

It’s clear Bethany’s dreading the next party, so Nathan slips some pills into her drink. Elsewhere, when Craig confides in Shona that he doesn’t like Bethany’s boyfriend, Shona’s horrified and marches into the tanning salon, where she orders Nathan to stay away from Bethany.

Cathy corners Brian suggesting they can still be friends. Johnny tells Kate he’d rather attend his hospital appointment alone.

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