It’s all smiles for Carla and Frank who’ve spent the night together and announce they’re a couple. At the Barlows, it’s a different story as Leanne’s annoyed with Peter for once again getting close to Carla by confirming her pregnancy to her. As a row breaks out Peter snaps that this pregnancy is already more trouble than it’s worth. With his true feelings in the open, the row intensifies and Peter storms out. Leanne chases after him but slips on the stairs, suffering a devastating fall. She crashes to the bottom and isn’t moving.

As James attempts to replace Ken’s documents, Tracy catches him snooping around No 1. As she demands to know what he’s doing, James quickly thinks up a cover story. But still suspicious Tracy gently questions Amy about what she knows.

When Sean discovers Freshco’s are looking for a local kid for a new ad campaign he sees an opportunity and is desperate to get Dylan to the audition.

Also; Amber helps Sophie get her job back at the corner shop; Becky’s been out all night on her date.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

As Leanne lies unconscious, Peter sounds off about her to Ken in the pub. Having heard enough, a concerned Stella heads to the flat to check on Leanne. Seeing her on the floor she calls 999 while Karl goes to fetch Peter. At the hospital, Peter and Stella are relieved to discover Leanne will be OK, as they await news of her baby.

Sean’s over the moon when Marcus reveals that Dylan won the Freshco’s audition. But when Marcus reveals they want him and Dylan in the ads, Sean struggles to hide his frustration as he realises being a dad isn’t always fun.

Tracy reckons she has James’s number and confronts him, demanding to know why he threatened Amy. When Ken walks in on their exchange James claims it was a male friend of his and he was embarrassed.

Also; As the Croppers struggle with Hope, Roy starts to bond more with his own mother Sylvia; A wild looking Becky announces she’s going away with her new bloke.

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