Eva urges Leanne to think carefully before reporting Simon to the police. But when Tom calls at the bistro and informs Leanne that Kyle may never play football again, she reaches a decision. With a heavy heart, she reports Simon to the police, listing the occasions he’s abused her and explaining about the latest incident involving Kyle.

Anna apologises to Kevin for her recent behaviour and suggests they wipe the slate clean. Kevin agrees and they join Tim and Sally for dinner. But when Sally bores Anna to death about her council campaign, she loses her temper and thrusting some cash at Kevin, stalks out of the bistro.

When Erica clocks Izzy struggling to carry some rolls of fabric, she offers to help, but aware Izzy won’t accept charity. She suggests in return Izzy teaches her to sew. Izzy agrees on condition it remains their secret.

Still sporting an itchy rash, Beth tells Nick he owes her a free meal because she had food poisoning. When Tracy suggests to Robert they could have an afternoon lie down, he’s not interested. And while Tracy’s hurt, Todd’s amused.