Leanne tells Gary and Alya to come clean

Zeedan berates Kal for threatening Tony, pointing out he could have lost him his job, but Kal assures Zeedan he was only looking out for him. Reminding Zeedan that he hasn’t forgot his mum, and will always love Jamila, father and son try to reach a truce. Meanwhile when Alya confides in Leanne that Katy reckons Gary and Izzy are getting back together, Leanne suggests it’s just wishful thinking from Katy and it’s time Alya and Gary came clean.

Eva beseeches Kylie to tell David the full extent of her past drug addiction so he can help her. At breaking point, Kylie admits to David she tried all sorts of drugs before she met him, but now she’s turned her life around and hates herself for what she’s done.

When Audrey advises Maria not to let Luke slip through her fingers as he’s a lovely boy, Maria asks him to go on a date.

As Sally surveys the deckchairs that are now in place of her sofa she blames Tim; Sean’s nervous as he and Billy have their first date at the bistro.