Liz twigs that Leanne is pregnant in Corrie

Will Leanne Tilsley reveal to Liz who the daddy is in Corrie?

Leanne Tilsley is jealous as a hungover Nick describes his night out with the hens, while Robert reveals he’s struck a deal with Steve for Street Cars to provide a delivery service for their takeaway food. Later, when Liz glances at her stomach a horrified Leanne realises that she knows she’s pregnant!

Izzy suggests a romantic holiday, but she’s crushed when Gary shows her his family holiday ideas. Will Gary finally admit he doesn’t want a physical relationship with Izzy?

When Maria suggests Luke should collect his things – he wonders if she’s met someone else. Later, Caz apologises to Maria, but will Maria insists she still wants her gone?

Elsewhere, Rita signs Gemma’s Good Samaritan application form. In the gym, Sharif flirts on the phone, but when Gary arrives he quickly kills the call. Norris reluctantly buys Gemma lunch in the Rovers. Michelle arrives home from Ireland.