Leanne and Toyah confront Chloe

Chloe is blindsided when Leanne and Toyah stick up for Peter in Corrie

Tracy tells Peter that she has the money to buy the Rovers so as a result he and Toyah will be able to buy it. But when Peter calls the IVF clinic to make an appointment he’s shocked to discover Toyah had the implant behind his back. Furious, Peter confronts Toyah, who admits she suspects he’s guilty of attacking both Chloe and Ken. Leanne calls at Chloe’s house, demanding she drops the assault charge. When Toyah also barges in, Chloe wonders what’s going on.

Faye begs Phelan to take her to visit Seb at the Young Offenders’ Unit. But Anna spots her climbing into his van…

Leanne’s not convinced when Nick books a naming ceremony for Oliver.

Shona lies to Roy, Eileen and Todd. Kevin books a hotel for himself and Anna.