Leanne admits to Ken that she’s finding it hard to cope and suggests Simon comes to live with Ken for a few weeks. Simon suggests she wants him out of the way so she can drag men back to the flat. However, as they set off he begs Leanne not to leave him at No 1, but Leanne remains firm.

When Aidan announces that he’s looking for volunteers for overtime, Kate demands a decent overtime rate, but Aidan refuses to budge. Accusing him of exploitation, Carla’s impressed when Kate gathers her things and walks out.

Michael’s uneasy when he takes a booking from a customer at 22 Station Road. The driver returns, moaning that the customer left her shopping in the taxi. When the woman comes to collect her shopping, Michael quickly offers to get one of the drivers to run her home free of charge.

Luke reveals to Sophie how Jamie has some dodgy photos of Steph, which he’s using to blackmail him into racing for him. Craig offers to teach Caitlin his graffiti techniques, but later Beth arrives home to find Craig helping Caitlin out of her blouse!